Open Letter to the Fathers of the Church in Cameroon

Open letter to the Fathers of the church in Cameroon

Dear Fathers,

My heart is smelting. “A nation can never be better than the state of the church within it”. There’s every truth in this statement my father, Bishop Chris, always makes. There’s every truth in it as you seem to mirror the hermit, entombing your heads in the pools of our blood while you chant “Hallelujah”; “Peace be Still”, to hungry hordes of weary souls looking forward to even one man standing in the gap.

I can recall one man who stood in the gap for those He loved, those He’d made. That person sacrificed His son, and sure bore pain when He saw His only and beloved nailed to the cross and had to forsake Him when He became sin. God did it because He had to sacrifice that in order to save mankind. I am cognizant in my spirit of Jesus who sacrificed it all. He lost His earthly life, was treated of all names and scourged with all scourging; had to bear the forsaking of His Father because He had to do what He had to do to save mankind.

In a contemporary case, I can recall the church in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who lost its members, saw some arrested and wounded, saw its buildings destroyed and its name tarnished, because it decided to cry out for the respect of the agreed canons of the people, in order to save their nation.

I’d also want to recall tomorrow how my fathers stood in the gap for Cameroon. We are dying. We are wallowing in misery. As days go by, our present and future are being minced. We have fathers. But, where are they? Why don’t they wake up? Why don’t they stand? Why don’t they SPEAK AS ONE MAN for the safety of Cameroon? Why don’t they carry the nation on their shoulders and be that light Jesus said we ought to be in the nation?

We have Fathers who got hordes of children west of the Mungo. You have a voice. Make it heard. I think of our fathers of The Apostolic Church in Cameroon; and of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon; and of the Cameroon Baptist Convention; and of the Full Gospel Mission; and of the Catholic Church; and of the Christian Missionary Fellowship International; and of the Council of Protestant Churches endorsing the several charismatic Churches we have today. And what about those also east of the Mungo, the EEC, the EPC, the UEEC, the UEBC, the EELC, the EFLC, the MEEC, and the list continues. Are you not our fathers?

Crying woman, pain and grief concept, flag of Cameroon

I am making this statement because I have been so wearied in reflection that I too must unseal my lips. I have been so tanned by tears because I feel we have been forsaken. Cameroon needs fathers. Cameroon has got fathers, only they are maybe still to wake up to their responsibility as fathers.

The church has a prophetic voice. Where is that of the church in Cameroon? If it be not true, why do you give the impression that you have traded your voices for handshakes and contact numbers? Should that be your crown as the light of Cameroon and the salt of this land? Is that the kind of city on a hill you want the world – us – to see?

Stand for the truth – PAY THE PRICE. Jesus did. You are His followers. What can they do to you? Arrest you? Kill you? Defame your name? Soil your ministry? Close your church? Vandalise its buildings? Beat you? Scourge you? Attack your family? Please tell me, what really can/would they do to you that will be news? Is that what you fear? Didn’t your and my Jesus say that we shouldn’t fear those who kill the body but cannot the soul? Was He ignorant in saying that? I doubt. He sure knew there would be those who will kill the body, but He tells you it should matter not.

When will we stop the sermons, ecumenical or not; when will we stop the prophecies, inspired or not; and be true WATCHMEN of the city – Cameroon – in which God has placed us? Are you afraid you will no more be called to preside over them ecumenical services; that you’d enter their bad books? For crying out loud, what is really holding you back?

Fear? Spinelessness? Is that the spirit God gave you? Isn’t it a spirit of love, power and self-control His Word confirms He gave you?

Where is your love for the nation; for the people, when corpses increasingly litter our streets? Where is your power when you seem to cringe under the shadow of your seeming comfort? Where is your self-control when you won’t put aside your denominational cloaks and act like the BODY OF CHRIST that you are?

I know I may be wrong in all what I say, and I truly pray that I am. I pray this simply be my wits playing me turns and not reality. I pray your fatherhood to this nation has not been emasculated. I pray your fatherhood over Cameroon doesn’t end on our pulpits. I pray that like Jesus, after praying in Gethsemane, you will descend the mountain and go to the cross for your mankind – Cameroon.

Yes, get off the pulpits. Rally as ONE MAN. Speak to the political authority as ONE MAN. You may be arrested, yes; beaten, yes; killed, yes; whatsoever, yes. But then, you’d have stood up for the truth, the way and the life you stand for as Christians; for the ideals of a sane land the Bible does preach when it calls on righteousness to flood our streets. These may be sham ways out – forgive my utterances if they offend. You sure know better. Do something.

Even if nothing happens afterward, you’d have stood up for the people as ONE MAN.

You’d have been the VOICE; Our voice!

Is it so difficult or complicated? Just give it a try. Write a memo, like I’ve done to you. Condemn what’s condemnable; propose solutions to what’s arrangeable. Bring them to the table – show them The Way to peace.

If nothing avails, rise as ONE MAN. Get down, hand in hand to the gates of Etoudi. Ask to speak to its occupant. Tell him you have seen enough blood spilled. Give him your pathway to get out of this logjam situation. Confront him publicly with a good way out, so much so that he’ll be too ashamed to publicly turn it down while claiming he is working it out. Please, I beseech you, do something. Don’t sit down with folded arms. Sow that seed!

You are watchmen of the nation. Stop doing such disservice to our land. For how long will this continue? For how long?

Arise my fathers. This nation is miserably and expectantly groaning, earnestly longing after its fathers; its watchmen to take up their position at the gates of the city.



Yours tearfully,



Don’t ask me why but I can tell a lie
I choose not to because it’s easier to fry
It’s simpler to pound the yams and fix the mound
Than mend the frown that takes fed-up men to the ground

No space for pancakes on my face
No time to spend gazing at who I am
I can’t go peeling off the glow he gave as skin
And claim I do Him service by looking now like a rainbow

No need for claws on my fingers
To do engravings like witch Samadora
But sure I can rub him smooth and soft
And free the hands that cuddle nature

No need for extensions on my crown
Well you sure know I’ve a forest to my own
It’s thick and heavy and yes is bliss
It’s gold to those who know what it’s worth

That loin that goes far beyond, it’s bliss
I can run and skip in it, yes, even blink to let in the seed
I can take it turns and never let him beg
I can carry and let the seed blossom, it’s my joy to do it, to see us many

I don’t think you need to see the lines up and back
Even if he wants, he’ll sure not see it so
I’m all covered and yes, I’m glad I am
Whether I stay at home, my office or the farm

I don’t think I need to squirch on 6 inches heels
Do I really need to sign a blank cheque for such a sprain?
Well, maybe my floor has no tiles or cement though I walk bare
And maybe I don’t need those to stand tall and face him square

It’s good, no offense, it’s good to look good
It’s bad to say you’ll fix you cuz He who made you made you wrong
It’s right to go clean or high and no one says oth
It’s bad to say you know it all when someone isn’t you
It’s good to go buzzy and trendy and chick
It’s mean and shallow to think that’s all there is to life

No need to look like a borrowed maze
Where you find yourself looking for yourself
Oh You took yourself to and lost yourself in that maze
For fear you’d be called a bush woman

But hey, a bush woman I’m proud to be
I’m not swinging high or rotting low
I’m simply who and what He made; I glow
More than anything in the world, I’m proud to be me.


Lesson 0:

An opportunity well grasped and utilised is worth more than 10 opportunities poorly utilised.

~ SallySuccess~

Watch, think, act!

Watch, think, act!

Lessons from this pic:

1. Not all opportunities are to be taken. Some are traps.

2. A person can become so determined to destroy another person that they become blind and end up destroying themselves.

3. You fight best in your natural element and environment. Here the bird has advatange in its natural element.

4. Know your limits, we all have them.

5. Sometimes the best response to provocation is not to fight.

6. Sometimes to accomplish something you need team work, you will not always win alone.

7. Stick to what you do best and don’t pursue what will kill you.

/C/ Bebe Bijou @ facebook

Life is full of zillions of opportunities. We can’t grab everything at once each time they crop up. We oughtn’t rush into all; cuz not all are meant for us for all times. Best is to pull back to have a better view.

Once Upon a Time: BREAST RIPPERS

Once upon a time there existed breast rippers. They were simply forks used to rip breasts away. Cruel and gruesome! Unimaginable, yet verisimilar! History records its use in the late 1590s in Bavaria, Central Europe; and in other parts of Germany and France until the 19th century.

breast ripperIn use, the forks were attached to a breast at a time; then ripped off. It pulled off chunks of flesh from the fleshy breast, which either left the subject definitely mutilated or dead; both ways passing through inexpressible pain.

A variant of the breast rippers was the Spider: even more horrendous. The Spider would be affixed to a wall, and the subject’s breast snug into it, then the subject pulled out, leaving chunks of breast particles ripped by the Spider on the wall. Horrible! Appalling!

What could warrant such cruelty from human beings toward other human beings? What could these women have done to deserve such?

Abortion, self-abortion, adultery, self-miscarriage, were mainly what drew out the breast rippers or the Spider; either as punishment or for interrogation. Later set in blasphemy and witchcraft.

Right until the 19th century in some parts of Germany and France, this was being used. A simple deduction: the people didn’t encourage any of the following – abortion, self-abortion, adultery, self-miscarriage and all the others. To them, such warranted and deserved the heartrending punishment, albeit appalling, disgraceful and degrading.

The question is: What’s being said today?

It’s shocking to see how values once upheld have quickly sunk to a state lower than man could ever imagine. It’s unbelievable that persons who once detested an act, and who were ready to perpetrate horrendous practices on fellow human beings can so easily sit back and let the same murky rivers flow into their homes and lands.

Yes, the laws are there to regulate, and do their utmost best to, reason why we hear “pro-life” and “pro-choice” everywhere one can today; and “pro-trash” (my opinion). Reason why adultery or extra-marital affairs do not warrant much eyeing. After all, isn’t it supposed to be one’s private life and/or personal choice?

Indeed it is, and ever will be. It always has been, except that as the breast ripper ripped in the past, it is ripping now; or reaping, if you will. Not necessarily the breasts (I would never support that, for no reason on earth), but the hearts; the humans in us.


Mercy sat on her seat and watched below as things unfolded. “At the end of this all, we’d know”, she thought.
Not an easy one for Lisa. Through last week, she had been told her pregnancy may not stay till term. “What do I do”, she wondered. Usually, Mary, if in her shoes would do what the others would naturally do: visit Babalawo.
He was the sort of man you could get a response from. He usually didn’t ask much; wouldn’t even, because there wasn’t really much Mary or Lisa or the likes of them could give. But then, little plus little plus little gives much. Anyways, that’s my own thinking.
thShe did decide to go. Before then however, she tried to be open. Open to Father Moses. He was as understanding as the famous Moses was, but not slow to speech though. “You cannot do that; you shouldn’t. It is not worthy of who you are”. You sure you told her about Luke 9:62 Father?
Yes, exactly, who is she? She was a young girl who had decided to give her life to Christ some seven years back. She’s sure her parents and siblings all did. She wouldn’t know however, because she grew up seeing them; and joining them move every Sunday morning to the place of worship. It was a beautiful hall; with beautiful paintings of winged persons and objects on the walls right up to the ceilings. At age 7, Lisa knew those who did that must have really been blest. If indeed the angels were like that, then they surely have seen he who is the father of all the angels, God.
At age 15, it was the routine; no longer that which rejoiced the spirit, oh sorry, body, I mean, but that which bored the soul. A boring soul needs distraction. Michael set in. A fine young man; willing and stealing. He was the perfect figure of the fallen one. Harsh, yes, but “he looks like an angel”, Lisa would often think. Like. Just ‘like’.
Yes, he did look like one, was named after one; yet wasn’t close to any. One thing he was close to was to Lisa’s heart. He wasn’t just close to, he was in it. Or rather, hers was in his. She was sold out. At age 23, Lisa and her angel would tie the knot; yes the not. Actually, it was a “not” to everything that was for her. To studies, I can ‘not’; to duties, I would ‘not’; to life, I am ‘not’.
Slowly but surely, to the place of worship, I will ‘not’. But then she did with angel Michael at home. But, mercy was still around, dropping in in time. Once she knocked whilst with Father Moses. “What the heavens does this old father want with me again?” Well, he wanted nothing with her, only, Mercy did. And Mercy won.
That’s what Father Moses was trying to tell Lisa. But seems her heart’s been hardened like that of Pharaoh. I wonder whether he got a staff to bring about the plagues. Well, maybe he can; if he wills.
Off she went to Babalawo’s. Sooner had she returned than she knocked on Father Moses’ door. “Michael has to go on a journey for three days for my baby to live. Please help me pray, pray that he would be safe, pray for everything to work on well. Please pray Father, Father, please pray”.
Before he could separate his lips to utter a word, she was on her feet. Off to the house, she neither ate nor drank for a whole day. Brave for young Liza, heavy with child. On her knees she went, praying for Yahweh to intervene in Michael’s journey to Babalawo’s hometown for the safety of the baby in her womb. Like seriously?
Mercy said “No, I’m not letting Liza go”. Father Moses on his knees too would plead, plead for Liza, plead for Michael, plead for the baby; even plead for himself. The heaven did he get there? Who’s kidding who?
2 Kings 17:41 So while these nations feared the LORD, they also served their idols; their children likewise and their grandchildren, as their fathers did, so they do to this day.
Hosea 10:2 Their heart is faithless; Now they must bear their guilt The LORD will break down their altars And destroy their sacred pillars.


Things are dangling blue and white; We tell not wrong from right

As days go by, darkness from light; We lose track of the sight

Today we’re male, tomorrow not; The sun couldn’t well be hot

Or better still I’ll tie the knot; With a beautiful escargot

Guess it’s better today I am canid; Man’s ways suck, so I’ve got to be candid

With myself, as with every hominid; Did I say hominid, no; I feel I’m a canid


The truth shall set thee free!!!

The truth shall set thee free!!!

All who receive Christ have gotten the right to become “children of God”, not otherwise. (John 1:12). That passage clearly says sons of God, not something else of God. For the several human beings struggling today with their identity, some confessing and believing they are Christians; I think the solution is knowing who you are in Christ Jesus.

Romans 8:16 says “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God”. Children, as heirs, and co-heirs with Christ Jesus, could only be those who identify themselves to Him, those who identify themselves to His family, those who abide by His life and His kingdom.

Not those who deny Him, His truth and righteousness and cloak themselves with the deceit of this world; not those who seek vain approval and acceptance of the traditions of men.

God has given us all freewill; He has given us the choice to choose what we want for ourselves. Nevertheless, when we do so, we shouldn’t hide under the cloak of “Christian”, because a Christian or a disciple of Christ is a follower of Christ who accepts His way of life and living.

This world is going topsy-turvy not even because of the heinous claims that abide and are backed by the powers that be, but because the true sons of God do not stand up for what is right. Mind us that the Bible calls us to put away falsehood and speak the truth, especially for those who say they are one with us, one with the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:25)

Whoever can do what he/she wants; but whoever says he/she is of Christ does not do what he/she wants, but what Christ wills. There are some things which even in the basest levels, are not acceptable; even the more for Disciples of Christ that we claim and strive to be. No good comes out of such. This is the truth of God’s word given to us His children.

The Bible says this “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

Stick to the truth of God’s word; God bless your soul!


“…nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian…” – Goodluck Jonathan

nigeria“As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. The unity, stability and progress of our dear country is more important than anything else”.

Last Saturday, March 28, 2015, Nigerians took to the polls to elect a president amid tension and high security concerns. The two main presidential candidates, outgoing Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan and incoming General Muhammadu Buhari signed an agreement to prevent violence in the tightly contested elections earlier on March 26.

The two promised to respect the outcome of a credible poll and urged their supporters to refrain from violence, the BBC reported.

With results announced in all states, opposition candidate General Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) won the presidential election by more than 2.1 million votes. Outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) conceded defeat on 31 March in elections marking the first time an incumbent president loses re-election in Nigeria.

I read through the Nigerian President’s speech acknowledging opposition’s victory in last weekend’s general election, and stumbled upon this powerful part – “As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian…”

Such an opinion to me resonates victory, and afterward Goodluck confirms that “Today, the PDP should be celebrating rather than mourning. We have established a legacy of democratic freedom, transparency, economic growth and free and fair elections“.

To get to a point where personal ambition is set aside for the good of a country, already marred by so much bloodshed, speaks so much for the better.

Experts believe the outgoing president has been very instrumental in preventing unrest, in his concession of defeat. A disputed result would very probably have sent the country riding a bumpy path.

Later in the statement, the outgoing president says “I promised the country free and fair elections. I have kept my word”.

Gen. Buhari takes office by the end of May 2015, and prospects already seem blissful, as less than 24 hours since the proclamation of results, the Nigerian national index and currency has soared.

Left to see how well the polemized Boko Haram insurgency in the North East of the country will be handled, for the greater good of the Nigerian people.



Eboa Leo has been injured by a collapsed wall surrounding the Government High School, Akwa in Douala. He is a mentally deranged man. He is bleeding, and from what obtains, it could be an internal bleeding that has found its way out via his bottom. He is bad; the sight of him is disheartening. His lips are wounded, and he barely manages to lie on the floor.

Eboa, on collapsed wall near fire fighter

Eboa, lying on ruins of the collapsed wall

According to bikeriders who witnessed the collapse, Eboa was sleeping at a spot he usually occupies when the wall broke down. They succeeded in pulling him out, before calling the fire brigade. Elements of the fire brigade have tansported him to the Laquintinie hospital, but one of them returns to the scene really pissed off. “I have taken the man to the hospital, he is between life and death, and the people there have refused to attend to him. He is lying there on the stretcher, and they have not even touched him, even though it is an emergency” he angrily spoke out.

Remains of Eboa's belongings by the collapsed wall

Remains of Eboa’s belongings

And so, I decide to move to the Laquintinie hospital, and true to the fire fighter, Eboa is stil on the stretcher, groaning lowly in pain. He has not been attended to; hs clothes are still bloody. I am speechless. I ask to see Eboa, and a hospital attendant to whom I ask if he has been attended to, says “They have just come and left him here, that who should take care of him. It is not because this is a public hospital eh. What should he be treated with. We need money.” And there he lay, poor unfortunate Eboa.
As I turned to leave, the hospital attendant called me back, ” You see there,  they would try to at least clean him and change his clothes. But truly, if they don’t pay, nothing can be done”, he told me.
And so I left, wondering how it could be that  the the walls of a government institution, that the school is, crumbles on a human being; he is transported by a government car by the elements of the national fire brigade; to a government health institution, the Laquintinie hospital; yet, prompt medical attention is denied him because of “money”.
This is just Eboa’s case, and I am sure that several other such cases are recorded and reported day after day in our public health institutions.
Wake up C.G.


Since April 24, 2014, the use of non-biodegradable plastics has been banned in Cameroon. Anyone using such plastic bags does so illegally. In markets, pharmacies, supermarkets, shops, grocery stores, fish stores and everywhere else requiring their use, local alternatives are being sought, like the use of old newspapers, cartons, clothes, cement bags, etc.

If you happen to find yourself in a fish shop without some container to carry your fish, then be sure to find it deposited on your cloth, because as you would be told, “il n’y a pas de plastics”, meaning “there are no plastic bags”. If you question why they have no plastic bags for packaging, the response will be “on n’a pas de plastics biodegradables. Les plastics qu’on avait, n’est-ce pas ils sont venus les arrachés? Vous voulez qu’on fasse comment?” (“We have no biodegradable plastic bags. The bags we had have been seized, so what do you want us to do?”)

And so it goes that a stroke at a time, non-biodegradable plastic bags may soon be history. And the reason advanced for this remains that they have negative consequences on the environment, and the health of its inhabitants.

Of course this is true! And I will add that there are even more non-biodegradable plastics to be seized from rivers and streams in the nation’s capital, Yaounde, which often are cause for flooding in the central town; and often causes unhealthy standing water at the backs of homes and even hospitals – a true danger to persons already in danger on hospitals bed.

Typical of Yaounde - Water courses as dwellings for plastics

Typical of Yaounde – Water courses as dwellings for plastics

I will also add that there is even more glaring waste, harmful to the environment and the inhabitants, in the short as well as the long term, like overflowing trash cans, and roads turned to dustbins.

And I will further add, that liquid waste, ensuing from suck-a-ways and overflowing toilets are like streams in prominent markets, like the Acacia market in the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood, Yaounde.

Imagine a lady dressed in trousers, and told that such a dressing is indecent. She is immediately stripped off her garment, and told to get on an acceptable one. Is she expected to remain naked while the alternative is sought? Though the likening to a lady may not avail much, it suffices for me to say before non-biodegradable plastics were to be officially banned in Cameroon; biodegradable alternatives should have been at the disposal of the people.

I do not expect the government to provide the biodegradable plastic bags, neither would I say they shouldn’t do it, if they can. But I think they could have as well spurred actors in the market that could produce such plastics, and ensure their availability in the market before banning those at hand. That, I think, should have been the good government that we expect of it.