Political structure in Cameroon has been relayed to a seed of the West Region of Cameroon, MARCEL NIAT NJIFENJI. His election as president of the Senate in Cameroon, foretells a merger between the country’s economic structure, and now the country’s political structure.

It is stale news that the west region booms economically in the nation, thus being the masters of the econo-structure. Having an upper hand in the senate adds to their portfolio the super power-structure of the nation. Two dynamic powers that would convey an infra- super –power-structure on the west region,  leading to an explosive form of democracy the nation might fail to contain.

Having a Westerner at the helm of the Senate, who in effect is the constitutional successor of the head of state in case of his sudden death or incapacitation, has sparked an onward flow of thoughts, as to the plight of Anglophone Cameroonians. Though with this view, contrary ones exist.

Born on October 26, 1934, Marcel Njifenji has been vice prime minister in charge of water and Energy (1992), and the Mayor of Bangangte, amongst others. His rich entrepreneurial and political portfolio, are surely what have prompted his rise to the historic position of Cameroon’s first ever Senate president.

By a majority vote of 86 out of 100, Marcel Njifenji who hails from Bangangte, in the Nde division, West Region of Cameroon, is married and a father of four.


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