Month: February 2015


That's just how it is...

That’s just how it is…

The sun looks beaming, but casts its shadows;

One never knows all why or all for every why

Summing up the bitterness that climbs up each little gut

The envy and the hate, the sense of no way around

And when all these draw nigh and ring; the scream, an ample ding

To yell for help and leave the rest, and expect all’ll be well


It comes like the wind, rushing through the door, like angry waves hitting the sand

As though it had done it harm, or caused it pain.

It happens severally; oh the wish to vanish

Or perhaps clone oneself; every you for every it.

Bu this even makes it tougher, as tougher trials stand

They stand in zest, to yank your chest, to put you to the test.


Indeed that’s what they are there for, to bring out gold from brass

Who told them that in everything, one ought to make out gold?

Leave the dust, for brown it is, and never could be white

So it is, so it was made, you churn your silent sack

For dust is brown and grass is green, and you are who you are

None is you and you are none, and that’s just how it is


It gets so slimy, climbing slime; it gets so rocky, climbing rocks

It gets so prickly, playing with prickles, and cold beneath the ice

It gets so smelly, touching carcass, so dirty with the dung

So un-Santa when the heart leaps out, but jumps back with a bump

Too yellow an earth to stay in, too slimy for the climb

Too achy to get the feet on, the feet upon oneself.