BIG BROTHER AFRICA (BBA): catalyst to declining African values

The Big Brother phenomenon, is one to reckon with nowadays, as it is a must watch show, especially among the youths of Cameroon. But because of the spirit of cultivation from the media, the phenomenon tends to take a toll on the already suffering African values, sowing seeds of discrepancy in young minds.

Partying is the order of the day with the Big Brother Phenomenon. True that something good can come out of partying, as it is a form of relaxation, but the clue to relaxation lies in a day well spent. Formerly, one used to learn constructive things from BBA, with regard to one’s love for the motherland, but now, partying is the easiest thing to learn, even without wanting to. Consider just how many youths following the show, can’t afford to miss the Saturday night parties, for anything else. African Big brothers encourage positive African values, and not the western value of routine partying.

Indecent habits that ensure in the enclosed doors are displayed to the public eye. These habits are inculcated in the viewers, and most even think that if a housemate in BBA isn’t flexible in such habits, such a person is boring, and deserves to be evicted. Such are the thoughts that our African  big brother should be discouraging from our minds, and not letting them sink into our conscious and even sub-conscious minds.

Quarrels and gossips are all exemplary, as they are part of the game. It is good to lie, loose bonds with one person, and mend with another all in the name of the game. It is even better to pretend to have a serious emotional relationship with somebody all in the name of the game, and later disclose publicly, that it was “just a game, and I played it well”. Such are the habits copied by the committed viewers and followers of BBA, and these tend to adopt the inclination into their daily lives.

All these might not be the intentions, but because the word of wisdom believes “an idle man is the devil’s workshop”, and because the work in the workshop needs an abode and a host, Africa’s values are seriously being threatened by the BBA phenomenon, which seems just to have started  a journey of no-return.


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