#notonudes: Join the Movement against ‘Sextapes’ and Etc.

Barely a week after the #Epiesaga seemingly died down, another sex tape was on the air. This wasn’t the first, of course; but we can put hands on deck for it to be the last.

CLIQ EMPIRE and TEAM237MAG will be hosting a Chill & Talk sensitization campaign: #notonudes, on June 17, 2017 in Buea, South West region – Cameroon. Join them; and invite several others in Cameroon to be part of this sensitization programme targeting young girls who are often party to these sex tapes, nude pics and videos and the likes of them.

According to Prince Michael Enobi, CEO of Benchmark Africa Productions, and one of the lead organisers of the sensitization campaign, “It’s a chill and talk time, where we’ll all share ideas to seek common solutions to this whole disturbing trend. We need to dig into the remote causes and see how we can stem it”.

50% of the Solution is to put your hands on the problem” –Ahmed S.

Hashtags like #Epiesaga, #Epiedemie, #FindEpie and the likes were spread mad amongst Cameroonians, especially those of the predominantly English speaking regions; and their contacts in the diaspora. The civilian manhunt may continue, with blames apportioned to the offenders and offended, but the future lies ahead. While others continue to vow and yearn for the arrest of the principal offenders in the nude tapes or the principal authors of such heinous ideas; we believe the problem must be tackled from the roots.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, we need change. We can start by a step; we choose to start by a step. First we replace the saga hashtags with #notonudes #notosextapes and erasers.

Girls who fall prey to such molestation also have their fair share of the responsibility. Some also sometimes do willingly film themselves and send to their “lovers”, who, when the love grows sour, may decide to punish them by posting the nude pics and tapes online.

Information is power!

Do not underestimate what the right information can churn in a young girl’s spirit. If young girls commit to shun frivolous lifestyles, such #Epiesagas will be farfetched. And this shunning, starts with information.

LEARN from yesterday, LIVE for today, and HOPE for tomorrow” – Madeline.


You can join the movement by:

  • Sharing the poster on your social network platforms with the hashtag #notonudes
  • Changing your profile pictures with a #notonudes frame
  • Inviting your contacts to be part of the Chill & Talk sensitization campaign billed June 17, 2017 in Buea (Buea Council Hall)


Barely a week after the presidential visit to Buea, on occasion of the celebration of Cameroon’s 50 years of Reunification, the settling dust seems to carry dissenting views into the eyes of the celebrants. Minds reel back to former President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s speech on October 1, 1961 where he asked “what is the need of a union bedeviled by divisions deeper than frontiers, quarrels opposing brothers, children and parents?

According to a report this morning on the National Radio Station, Fako Chiefs, after an extraordinary meeting in Wovia, Limbe, have threatened to pull out of the South West Chief’s Conference (SWCC). According to the Chief’s, the SWCC has been hijacked by over-zealous chiefs. They also decry amongst others, the shabby treatment by their peers, in that they were not consulted in an audience to receive the Head of State, Paul Biya. Issues also arise about funds raised by the South West Region, for the event, which according to Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, a son of the South West soil, was used up to the last franc. Though such is the advocated move, there are however dissenting voices as to the course of action.

Surprisingly in Buea, electricity supply has been on the rise and fall for the past three days, an utter versa from the estimated close to FCFA 4 Billion spent on water and electricity supply networks in Buea, on occasion of the event, as the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary revealed, while speaking to the press in Yaoundé shortly after the date of the event was made public. One wonders if the estimated FCFA 35 Billion spent on Buea on occasion of the 50th anniversary of reunification will last a considerable time, even as some prominent works, like the reunification monument, seem to bear light weight, compared to its intended purpose.

In all, solace is once more drawn from Ahmadou Ahidjo’s sum that “Cameroonians should consider themselves as children of the same family, which disagreements can separate temporarily, but who still find in themselves deep links uniting them above all disorders”.





One people, one nation, one future

One people, one nation, one future

The hopping deadlines for the completion of works in Buea, prior to celebrations marking Cameroon’s 50th anniversary of reunification is no longer news for Cameroonians. The latest of December 19, issued by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean Claude Mbwentchou, has equally not been respected.

With speculations on the increase as to the reason for the delay, some believe it is because President Biya expects to be awarded a PhD Honoraris Corsas (according to a local French daily), or a Doctorate Degree in Political Science.

Whatever the reasons, plans seem to be on hold for the sole cause of the celebrations. As per Bouddih Addams in his column “Roughshod” on The Post Newspaper, No 01490, December 23, 2013,  “ the town of Buea has been taken hostage by the wait for President Biya’s coming for the celebration of the Re(Unification) of Cameroon”.

Addams continues that if “X-mass were also dependent on the presidential visit, it would have been postponed. We have proved that if international celebrations were dependent on us, like the World AIDS Day…there is no doubt that all of the days will not be celebrated on the designated dates”. This is perhaps not open for debate as the graduation ceremony of the University of Buea for 2013 has been postponed to a yet-to-be-announced date, still dependent on the president’s visit to Buea.

Down memory lane, President Biya had scheduled his eminent visit to Buea to definitely be within 2013, as per a statement granted State TV, after last September 30’s  twin Legislative and Municipal elections in Cameroon. Barely two days to the end of the year 2013, speculations still roam the air as to whether January 2014 will see president Biya in Buea.

52 years since the event that shaped the life of the nation, renowned historians give stunning revelations that could make or mar the whole idea in the minds of Cameroonians. Despite the roughshod nature of the celebrations on every other important activity in Buea, majority still eagerly await the festivities with “blood in the eye”.


Blending spirituality and relaxation

Blending spirituality and relaxation

The Our Lady of Grace shrine-Sasse was inaugurated on Sunday September 4, 2011, by Immanuel Balanjo Bushu, Bishop of Buea, though afore discovered by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Typam, missionary Priest of St. Vincent de Porres Order.

The Shrine, located in Sasse, has a chapel for perpetual adoration, a mini-auditorium with an estimated 100 sitting capacity, and a shop for the sale of religious articles. It is around a waterfall that was freely offered to the Catholic Church by the traditional ruler of Sasse. The waterfall, as described by Bishop Bushu during the inauguration, is a hidden treasure given that even the indigenes and others who have lived in the community for more than a decade, have never had an idea about it.

It is ideal for the numerous pilgrims it draws to its premise, even as the natural noise of the waterfall secludes pilgrims from the many distractions found around the site.


This day marks exactly Fifty-two (52) years, since the reunification of Cameroon; the reunion of former British Southern Cameroons, with former East Cameroon. (1 OCTOBER 1961)

Infrastructure for reunification celebrations

Infrastructure for reunification celebrations

Cameroonians pride themselves in the soon-to-come celebrations marking 50 years of reunification, but fail to honour the actual date when the foundation for the celebrations was laid.

52 years after John Ngu Foncha of former West Cameroon, and President Ahmadou Ahidjo of former East Cameroon put their signatories at the historic Mountain Hotel in BUEA, giving birth to a reunified Cameroon, Cameroonians are still bustling with preparations for the celebrations of 50 years of reunification, and one wonders what becomes of the remaining 2 years.

The new reunification stand

The new reunification stand

According to an interview granted President Paul Biya to State TV, the celebratios for 50 years of reunification, will effectively take place before the end of this year 2013, as he awaits technical irregularities to straigthen up.

Even as the day rides away, no mention of the date’s importance is hinted. Could you wait until you’re 80 years to celebrate your 78th birthday.  You may though, as that’s the reality soon to come to fruition.


The 2013 Association of Student Journalists in the University of Buea, ASJUB, has ended in shambles, mainly due to indecision on conducting votes for the post of president.

The elections, which took place this 21st day of June, 2013 at the amphitheater 150 E of the University of Buea, kicked off well, with most of the candidates for other positions duly voted. Confusion set in at the turn of casting votes for the position of the president, with Abane Jeffery and Loshie Eugene as the two vying in for the position.

While most students supported the view that Loshie be voted in absentia, others wanted the position to be given to the sole contestant present. Disagreements stemmed up, with a recall of an earlier statement made by the electoral committee, stating that no person will be voted in absentia.

The situation, after long arguments, was brokered by the acting Head of Department for Journalism and Mass Communication, Mr. Henry Muluh, paving way for the decision to suspend  voting for the post of President, till October 2013.

Meanwhile, it was agreed that Feudjo Darling, successful at the position of Vice-president, will be the acting president, till October 2013, when fresh elections for the post of president of ASJUB, will be organized.


Chief Kuva Likenye was the founder of the Buea dynasty. He was the brain behind the Bakweri war of resistance in 1891- 1894 against Gravenreuth, the German commander.

Kuva's final earthly abode

Kuva’s final earthly abode

Buea seemed to have derived her vigour from her indigenous substrate on which the brave warrior and mountain king Kuva Likenye mobilized an ill-trained ragtag army to stand up in arms against German exploitation of the Bakweri people. Kuva may have been spiritually inspired by the mountain god “Ifasa moto”, or the mountain goddess “Liengu la lelu” or better still the mermaid “Liengu la naluwa”or maybe by the founding father of Buea Eye Njie Tama Lifanje.

His epitaph

His epitaph

During the war, he summoned about 400 Bakwerians, who through their might halted the German advancement. The German advancement and wiles in turn sent him on exile to Wonya Mokumba, where he breathed his last in 1894.



Buea might not be easily recognizable in the months ahead. The recent infrastructure that now embellish the place, are such to marvel at.

Buea's glass house

Buea’s glass house

The new council building welcomes new-comers to Buea, with its beautiful glass adornments. Its top seemingly touches the sky, reminiscent of the fact that the sky might be the only limit for the place Buea.

Mt. Hotel, to lodge visitors at 50years Reunification celebrations

To lodge 50years Reunification celebrants

The renovated Mountain Hotel is another site to behold. Apart from its beautiful entrance, the over 40 rooms and suites of the hotel have been reworked, to accommodate the visitors to Buea, during the upcoming celebrations of Cameroon’s Reunification Golden Jubilee.

Safe haven for Reunification celebration dignitaries

Safe haven for Reunification celebration dignitaries

Close to the Mountain Hotel is the Parliamentary Flat, another glassy and sparkling site that will equally serve the 50th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification celebrations in Buea. It surely will host the numerous dignitaries and visitors that will flank Buea, sometime this year.

Befitting of the G.C.E Board

Befitting of the G.C.E Board

The new Cameroon Government Certificate of Education (GCE) board building is another site to marvel at. The new structure, it is said, is now befitting of the main Cameroon secondary education examinations setter, the GCE board.

The new grand stand

The new grand stand

Amongst this new infrastructure is the new grand stand that is to host the Golden jubilee celebrations of Cameroon’s Reunification in Buea. the large tribune, is evocative of the significance of the celebrations, that draw root on October 1, 1961, when President Ahmadou Ahidjo, and John Ngu Foncha both put in their signatures, to reunify Cameroon.  This was at the Mt. Hotel in Buea.

Edifices, now characteristic of Buea

Edifices, now characteristic of Buea

The student residential area of Molyko is equally swept with this new look in Buea. Upcoming hostels, especially those around the streets, are beautifully constructed, and even those formerly tattered looking, have been renovated. The Eta Palace Hotel is one that adds a touch of glamour to Molyko and Buea at large, especially by night.

New look of road, stretching from Mile 17 to BUEA Town

New look of road, stretching from Mile 17 to BUEA Town

Exiting Buea, the Mile 17 Motor Park tells a lot of its own. Playing host to most relaxation spots in Buea, the park, always bustling in the day with several travelers to and from Buea, equally bustles at night, with the loud speakers and music that emanates from the relaxation spots. Buea indeed, is a Place to Behold.


Catching a hint of the momentous relics of Buea, capital of the South West Region, from one of its nearby hills, unveils marvelous scenery. Structures reminiscent of the era of colonialism; constructed by the Germans and the British such as the Schloss, the Buea Mountain Club, the Bismarck Fountain and the old Presidency will fascinate you. These structures have survived the abrasive work of time. Visitors to Buea begin to feel the change of temperature as soon as they approach its vicinity.

The new Buea council building: brooding a welcoming air

The new Buea council building: brooding a welcoming air

Buea is blessed with iridescent vegetation and the majestic Mount Cameroon (4100 above sea level) which rides into the black beaches of the Atlantic Ocean-a special place on the face of the earth.Buea may be small but an incredibly beautiful historic town. It varies from the hues of historic German monuments’ juxtaposition with modern structures, threatening to encroach into the picturesque virgin forest at the foot of Mount Cameroon.


A glaring artifact of German rule in Cameroon, the first ever post office building in Buea, still stands tall, even as the other German buildings testify of the toughness of German structures in Cameroon.

Tough building, reminiscent of sturdy German era

Tough building, reminiscent of sturdy German era

Perhaps evocative of tough German rule, the first post office building is flanked by the Bismarck Fountain, the Centenary Tower Clock building, and the Governor’s office amongst others. By its main entrance is a post box, where letters were dropped in yesteryears, and/or posts usually delivered.