Month: April 2014


A local English daily, The Guardian Post, reports that French media have blamed the Biya regime for the death of Christiane Soppo, Personal Secretary to one time Secretary of State at the Presidency of the Republic, Marafa Hamidou Yaya.
According to the Guardian Post’s Monday, April 7, 2014 edition, the French daily, Liberation holds that “the Cameroonian president jails opponents who are a threat”. The leftist French newspaper continues that the conditions of arrest and detention of the former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Marafa, prove he is not an ordinary prisoner. The paper reiterates that 55-year old Christiane Soppo’s death was orchestrated by the Biya regime to bury salient truths that could put his administration on rugged grounds.
Another French newspaper, Le Canard, clearly observes that “in Cameroon, no one seems to doubt the political motivation behind this murder, because for 25 years, Christiane Soppo has been personal secretary to Marafa, who was for long close to the current president”.
Whether this be true or not remains a debate, but according to a recently published US report on human rights in Cameroon, Marafa is believed to be indeed a political prisoner considering that some laws were violated during his trial.
According to lecamerounaisinfo, Marafat himself states that Christiane was assassinated for political motives. recounts that Christiane was assassinated probably after a phone call from her daughter, on Friday January 24, 2014.
Currently serving a 25-year jail which was slammed him in 2012, Marafa is detained at the State Secretariat for Defence, same place where Thierry Michel Atangana, also rumoured to have been a political prisoner, was detained for 17 years, before being released in February 2014 after presidential clemency.