Eboa Leo has been injured by a collapsed wall surrounding the Government High School, Akwa in Douala. He is a mentally deranged man. He is bleeding, and from what obtains, it could be an internal bleeding that has found its way out via his bottom. He is bad; the sight of him is disheartening. His lips are wounded, and he barely manages to lie on the floor.

Eboa, on collapsed wall near fire fighter

Eboa, lying on ruins of the collapsed wall

According to bikeriders who witnessed the collapse, Eboa was sleeping at a spot he usually occupies when the wall broke down. They succeeded in pulling him out, before calling the fire brigade. Elements of the fire brigade have tansported him to the Laquintinie hospital, but one of them returns to the scene really pissed off. “I have taken the man to the hospital, he is between life and death, and the people there have refused to attend to him. He is lying there on the stretcher, and they have not even touched him, even though it is an emergency” he angrily spoke out.

Remains of Eboa's belongings by the collapsed wall

Remains of Eboa’s belongings

And so, I decide to move to the Laquintinie hospital, and true to the fire fighter, Eboa is stil on the stretcher, groaning lowly in pain. He has not been attended to; hs clothes are still bloody. I am speechless. I ask to see Eboa, and a hospital attendant to whom I ask if he has been attended to, says “They have just come and left him here, that who should take care of him. It is not because this is a public hospital eh. What should he be treated with. We need money.” And there he lay, poor unfortunate Eboa.
As I turned to leave, the hospital attendant called me back, ” You see there,  they would try to at least clean him and change his clothes. But truly, if they don’t pay, nothing can be done”, he told me.
And so I left, wondering how it could be that  the the walls of a government institution, that the school is, crumbles on a human being; he is transported by a government car by the elements of the national fire brigade; to a government health institution, the Laquintinie hospital; yet, prompt medical attention is denied him because of “money”.
This is just Eboa’s case, and I am sure that several other such cases are recorded and reported day after day in our public health institutions.
Wake up C.G.


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