Alcoholism, like smoking, is a physical addiction affecting the physical, mental, social, familial, or work-related responsibilities of an individual.

On Friday, September 12, 2014, the production and importation of whiskies in sachets and plastic containers officially stopped in Cameroon. The government of the country took to the decision, despite the economic losses the country might suffer as a result of the ban.

Cameroon imported as of 2013, over 1,880 metric tons of whisky, to the tune of over 3.6 billion FCFA. People will also have to let go of jobs, both in local and foreign enterprises, afore involved in the production and importation of the substance.

The damages are enormous, and countless too, are those of alcohol. The smallest amount of alcohol has effects on the body. By effects, I hold on the undesirable ones. From malnutrition to birth defects, from muscle cramps to pancreatic disfunctions, the undesirables are myriad, no part is spared.

Before leaving this page, please click http://www.healthline.com/health/alcohol/effects-on-body

Be informed on the effects of alcohol on the body. It takes just a click, to get a whole lot of knowledge that can be life-saving. A word to the wise…



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