Positive Scribbles is about anything newsy, spicy and positive, that can be of interest and relevance to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It is about the information where you are, and where your neighbour is. It is about where you will be and how it may be like then. Facts and figures learnt of someone or something  somewhere, in a sequence, somehow, sometime, for some reason.

It is for the past, the present and surely the future; the good the bad and the ugly. Not only for them, but the Black, the White, the ALL.

Noteworthy information that will keep your mind brewing about the rainbows in this world, about the raindrops and the umbrella you could hold to stop yourself and your neighbour from getting wet.

It scribbles the shadows that loom in the corridors, which some may see and ignore, while others may not see, or even want to see.

It’s about being constructive, optimistic and confident that you can be positive in what you are positive in, and contribute to the bliss of a world you wish to live in.



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