Month: March 2014



Joey, a baby kangaroo, saw the light of day from an otherwise thought “male” kangaroo in a Siberian zoo. According to the Barnaul Zoo website, the birth, which was discovered on March 22, 2014, went unnoticed by zoo staff, because birth for kangaroos is a very mysterious and long process.
Joey’s mother was identified as a male at another zoo, before she arrived in Barnaul, and named Chuck. According to the zoo director, Sergey Pisarev, “His mother probably needs to be renamed”.
Joey, being about 15cm when discovered, is said to have a “lovely face and a beautiful little tail”, according to the Barnaul Zoo website. Kangaroos are about the size of a cherry when they are born, and can then spend several months in their mother’s pouch before they start venturing out.


HIV/AIDS and Homosexuality may be turning bed fellows as days go by. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has published details of  a rare case of suspected female-to-female HIV infection. According to the CDC, a 46-year-old woman “likely acquired” the virus during a six-month monogamous relationship with a HIV-positive woman in Texas.

The CDC further revealed that the lady was infected with a strain that had a 98% genetic match to that of the originally 43-year old infected partner, who is said to have had a history of heterosexual relationships. Her originally infected partner is also reported to have stopped taking antiretroviral drugs in 2010.

With HIV/AIDS and talks on homosexuality no longer news in the ever growing world, experts however state that homosexuality is learned through a complex combination of shaping factors and personal choices. Suffice enough, since scientists have found no genetic proof that someone can actually be born gay.