Month: December 2013


For yet another new year

We thank God for the bread

For being there to bear

The weight of our dread.

I wish a very Happy and prosperous 2014 to all and sundry, especially to all my followers on POSITIVE SCRIBBLES, not forgetting those who have once taken off time for a visit, or are still to do so. You were part of making my 2013 a positive one, and I pray 2014 be a very positive one for you as well.



One people, one nation, one future

One people, one nation, one future

The hopping deadlines for the completion of works in Buea, prior to celebrations marking Cameroon’s 50th anniversary of reunification is no longer news for Cameroonians. The latest of December 19, issued by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean Claude Mbwentchou, has equally not been respected.

With speculations on the increase as to the reason for the delay, some believe it is because President Biya expects to be awarded a PhD Honoraris Corsas (according to a local French daily), or a Doctorate Degree in Political Science.

Whatever the reasons, plans seem to be on hold for the sole cause of the celebrations. As per Bouddih Addams in his column “Roughshod” on The Post Newspaper, No 01490, December 23, 2013,  “ the town of Buea has been taken hostage by the wait for President Biya’s coming for the celebration of the Re(Unification) of Cameroon”.

Addams continues that if “X-mass were also dependent on the presidential visit, it would have been postponed. We have proved that if international celebrations were dependent on us, like the World AIDS Day…there is no doubt that all of the days will not be celebrated on the designated dates”. This is perhaps not open for debate as the graduation ceremony of the University of Buea for 2013 has been postponed to a yet-to-be-announced date, still dependent on the president’s visit to Buea.

Down memory lane, President Biya had scheduled his eminent visit to Buea to definitely be within 2013, as per a statement granted State TV, after last September 30’s  twin Legislative and Municipal elections in Cameroon. Barely two days to the end of the year 2013, speculations still roam the air as to whether January 2014 will see president Biya in Buea.

52 years since the event that shaped the life of the nation, renowned historians give stunning revelations that could make or mar the whole idea in the minds of Cameroonians. Despite the roughshod nature of the celebrations on every other important activity in Buea, majority still eagerly await the festivities with “blood in the eye”.


new loveSomeone once said love is what it is. I’m sure you have your own definition of what love is to you. So why don’t you tell us what you think or know it is, and perhaps help someone else understand and appreciate better what that four-letter word means. Let the images inspire you, or let someone else do it.

For Patience Strong,

Lost in time

Lost in time

homely teasures

homely teasures

“Love is more than passing pleasures, love is happiness;

Found in home and homely treasures, that the years would bless”.




For me, LOVE  is LIFE.

For you then, Love is…


Forever in our hearts

Forever in our hearts (c/afp)

Nelson Mandela, the South African Iroko, breathed his last yesterday December 4, 2013. The 95- year world figure passed away in his home in Johannesburg after battling with an ailing health.

According to the official announcement from President Jacob Zuma, he died shortly before 21:00 local time (19:00 GMT). The resilient Freedom Icon had been receiving intensive medical care at home for a lung infection after spending three months in hospital.

His journey on earth was a rich one, as the Freedom icon was considered a born leader in his homeland. Born in 1918, Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela was raised in the village of Mvezo in the Transkei in the Eastern Cape. He was one of 13 children from a family with close links to the royal house of the Thembu people.

Remembered for his freedom fight, the winner of the Nobel Peace laureate in 1993 preached reconciliation despite a 27-year prison term he bore for the vision he had for the South African people.

BBC correspondents say Mr. Mandela’s body will be moved to a mortuary in the capital, Pretoria, and the funeral is likely to take place next Sunday, December 15 after official mourning that is expected to last 10 days. President Zuma mentioned that Madiba would receive a state burial, and flags flown at half-mast until after the funeral, in remembrance of the great African democrat.

Barely five months since he blew his 95th candle, life was blown out of him yesterday. The “greatest son our nation has had” as president Zuma put it, would be remembered through onward generations, as South Africa, Cameroon, Africa and the World at large bid



According to the Corruption Perception Index 2013, Cameroon still maintains its 144th position out of 177 countries concerned, with a score of 25/100. This signifies no change from the same position occupied last year, and therefore ought to make greater strides to stamp out the cankerworm. issues of bribery are still on everyday Cameroonian lips.

According to the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune, the Transparency International classification results were disclosed on December 3, 2013 during a conference in Yaoundé, by the President of Transparency International, Barrister Charles Nguini.

With the corruption survey focusing on the public sector in all concerned countries, Barrister Nguini stated that Cameroon’s classification stemmed from information furnished by 8 professional sources.

Cameroon occupied the 34th position out of 48 African countries, with the Central African Republic, Iran, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Ukraine also on the 144th position.

Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia, scored 8/100, placing them at the top of the list, while Denmark and New Zealand scored 91% to be apparently the least corrupt countries.


Mind's Seat

A wise man of God once told me “The door God has closed in your life, leave it closed”.

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This phrase was buried recently in my life all for the sake of not having as I am accustom to. Over the past month, I’ve noticed that all the friends of the past, people I had to let go of as I drew closer to God was popping up, one by one. Forgetting what was ministered to me, I was happy to “reconnect” with my “friends”. Some I hung out with, others I frequently spoke with. Little did I know of what I was re-entering into my life. As the month progressed, the old man was acting up again. Things that I dealt with, were back and ten times harder. So the little prayer and regurgitation of the verses was not working this time around.

At first, it was easy to…

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Mind's Seat

In all of our preparations for Christmas let us reserve a chair or two for Christmas for those souls whom society often rejects. You don’t have to look hard to find these hurting souls. They are all around you. When you take the time to look into their eyes, you can see pain and sorrow etched on their faces.

Their need knows no season. Loneliness , hunger, poverty and despair don’t just happen at Christmas. Love is needed in every life 365 days a year.

There is a gift all of us can give that is far more enduring and more valuable than the latest Ipad, Smart Phone or Ipod. It doesn’t require special gift wrap. It will never need to be returned because it isn’t working. You don’t even have to put this gift on a lay away plan.  It is rare that this gift will be returned to…

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Blending spirituality and relaxation

Blending spirituality and relaxation

The Our Lady of Grace shrine-Sasse was inaugurated on Sunday September 4, 2011, by Immanuel Balanjo Bushu, Bishop of Buea, though afore discovered by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Typam, missionary Priest of St. Vincent de Porres Order.

The Shrine, located in Sasse, has a chapel for perpetual adoration, a mini-auditorium with an estimated 100 sitting capacity, and a shop for the sale of religious articles. It is around a waterfall that was freely offered to the Catholic Church by the traditional ruler of Sasse. The waterfall, as described by Bishop Bushu during the inauguration, is a hidden treasure given that even the indigenes and others who have lived in the community for more than a decade, have never had an idea about it.

It is ideal for the numerous pilgrims it draws to its premise, even as the natural noise of the waterfall secludes pilgrims from the many distractions found around the site.


Elwood: reputed for the ugliest dog look

Elwood: reputed for the ugliest dog look

Elwood, the Chihuahua and Chinese Crested cross whose unusual appearance won him the 2007 title of World’s ugliest dog, has died at the age of eight. The 2.3kg (5lb) dog died on Thanksgiving morning last Thursday at his home in the US state of New Jersey.

“It was sudden,” said owner Karen Quigley, 52, who adopted Elwood in 2006. “He was in my arms.”Quigley said her vet believed he might have had some form of cancer. He had been dealing with some heath issues in recent months but appeared to be doing well.

Elwood was dark and nearly hairless, except for a tuft of white hair on his forehead, and had a long, protruding tongue. After winning the annual world’s ugliest dog contest at the Marin-Sonoma County Fair in 2007, fans from around the world sent him letters and postcards and he was often referred to as Yoda or E.T.

After adopting him, owner Karen Quigley wrote Everyone Loves Elwood, a children’s book about self-acceptance.  “Elwood had a magical power to make people smile and laugh that made him very attractive, especially to children; He would pose for photos with people at charitable events. He was the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. He taught children it’s OK to be different” said Quigley.

Elwood appeared at more than 200 charity events before his retirement earlier this year.


The fast and furious star was snatched by the cold hands of death on Saturday, November 30, 2013, in a car crash in California.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

Paul Walker, 40, was a passenger in a Porsche sports car driven by a friend – who also died – when it crashed north of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department said the crash happened in the community of Valencia. It said deputies found a car engulfed in flames when they responded to a report of a collision. Two people found in the car were pronounced dead at the scene.

“It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization, ‘Reach Out Worldwide’,” the statement on the actor’s Facebook page said.

Walker began acting as a young boy when his mother, a model, took him to auditions for commercials. After drifting away from acting, he got his big break when a casting director remembered him from years before, tracked him down and gave him a role in the TV series ‘Touched by an Angel’. Walker later won a recurring part in the soap ‘The Young and the Restless’ before moving on to supporting roles in teen films in the late 1990s with ‘Varsity Blues’, ‘She’s All That’ and ‘The Skulls’.

In action on 'Fast and Furious 6'

In action on ‘Fast and Furious 6’

After the success of the first Fast & Furious film, Walker became the leading man for the second installment when Vin Diesel dropped out. Walker played undercover agent Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious movies. The first film of the franchise was released in 2001 and the seventh which is in development began filming in September but has not been completed. It had been scheduled for release in July. Walker was one of the leading protagonists, along with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.

Walker has also filmed Hurricane Katrina drama Hours, which is due to be released on 13 December. Another forthcoming film is Brick Mansions, a remake of the French action film District B13, for film studio Relativity. Walker also starred in the suspense drama Hours, a movie that is set for release this month.

With his buddy, co-star Diesel

With his buddy, co-star Diesel

In grief, Diesel said in a post on Instagram: “Brother I will miss you very much. I am absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new Angel. Rest in Peace.”