Month: May 2020

The Gambia Six-logy 2 – The bathroom of fertility

Do you remember the pool with the crocos? I am told it has special powers – it gives babies. Its waters are used for the bath of fertility.

Beside the croco pool is a traditional toilet. It is open to whoso is badly in need of a child and believes it can work. Our guide tells me people have actually had their bath in the toilet and it worked for them. It is part of the mystery of the Mandinka people.

You may like the ancient bathroom which triggers fertility! That’s if you believe and want a child so badly! I wouldn’t….. But, make sure to have a visit when next you visit the Gambia.

Well, take a listen as our guide speaks in the video below 😊

Cheers! And don’t forget to stay on for the rest of my Gambia ‘six-logy’ 🙂

Guide at the croco village explains use of the bathroom of fertility

The woman who was married for just a day!

There’s this really intriguing woman. She was married for just a day. She married her husband and long-time partner on April 29, 1945. They actually got married at midnight of April 28 breaking 29 of that year.

She was born in 1912. Though she’d been with her partner for over a decade, the latter had refused to marry her. He believed this would come between his political career. She wasn’t specifically accomplished or known as a woman of great talents. Her partner never allowed her to be seen in public with him. Many of his people didn’t even now she existed. But, if there was one thing he admired about her, it was her loyalty towards him.

Perhaps that loyalty pushed him to finally marry her, and that same loyalty, for her to follow him into the grave.

On April 30, 1945, her husband bid goodbye to his friends or maybe fiends, walked into his bunker and put a bullet to his head. She too, out of loyalty, I guess, took in poison, probably a cyanide capsule. She was aged just 33. Even death could not hold her loyalty back. The couple was burned, according to the man’s testament.

Her name was Eva Braun. Her husband’s name was Adolf Hitler!

Eva and Hitler (c)