Month: May 2015


babyIt’s crazy hearing them again,

Hearing how they screamed and cried, how they begged for life;

It’s tearing seeing them again,

Seeing how they’re smeared off life, and caused to sleep like lice;

It’s disturbing considering again,

This is done with rice, and food we slice and dice;

It’s nerve-racking knowing again

They were not considered better or worthier than mice

It’s heartbreaking imagining again

How another would beg, would hope and really be so nice

For just this beauty wasted about by sons of cowardice


I’m wondering if it wouldn’t sound well, their footstep;be

I’m asking the sower and bearer if it was just a misstep;

I’m thinking why not bold up to a counterstep;

I’m pleading; please bring them to my doorstep;