The choice is solely yours

The choice is solely yours

Settling on whether to drink whatever, is a personal verdict one passes on self, though we often do not decide to bear what follows slightly or lately after. Such was the case with seven persons on New Year’s night, who decided to drink distilled raffia wine, commonly called in Cameroon “Fofo”.

In Djohong, Wina Sub-Division, Mayo-Danay Division of the Far-North Region of Cameroon, 7 persons are said to have consumed the liquor after the burial of a relation. Few minutes after, six are said to have breathed their last, while the seventh, who offered them the drink, was rushed to the hospital with chronic diarrhoea. The quick rush to the Wina dispensary did not stop this other soul from departing the body, bringing the number of deaths to 7.

According to the 2004 World Health Organization (WHO) report on alcohol consumption in Cameroon, unrecorded alcohol consumption in Cameroon is estimated at 2.6 litres pure alcohol per capita for population older than 15 for the years after 1995 (estimated by a group of key alcohol experts), while the recorded consumption stood at above 7%. This could lead to addiction, which is another serious ailment related to alcohol consumption, a difficult situation to deal with.

 Even as speculations abound as to the kind of drink that ravaged the lives of 7 persons in less than an instant, the fact at hand remains that it is alcohol. While most consumers back up with expert views that one beer a day is needed for good body functioning, there are even more real facts about alcohol that everyone should get to know first. It is no lie that even a drop of alcohol can impair judgment for a few seconds, as well as for a lifetime.


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