Chief Kuva Likenye was the founder of the Buea dynasty. He was the brain behind the Bakweri war of resistance in 1891- 1894 against Gravenreuth, the German commander.

Kuva's final earthly abode

Kuva’s final earthly abode

Buea seemed to have derived her vigour from her indigenous substrate on which the brave warrior and mountain king Kuva Likenye mobilized an ill-trained ragtag army to stand up in arms against German exploitation of the Bakweri people. Kuva may have been spiritually inspired by the mountain god “Ifasa moto”, or the mountain goddess “Liengu la lelu” or better still the mermaid “Liengu la naluwa”or maybe by the founding father of Buea Eye Njie Tama Lifanje.

His epitaph

His epitaph

During the war, he summoned about 400 Bakwerians, who through their might halted the German advancement. The German advancement and wiles in turn sent him on exile to Wonya Mokumba, where he breathed his last in 1894.



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