THE BISMARCK-FOUNTAIN: Haven for tourists!

The Bismarck-Fountain was constructed in 1899 in honour of the German chancellor, prince Otto Von Bismarck.At the death of Bismarck in 1918, former German governor, Jesko Von Puttkamer made it a place of tribute.

Fountain welcomes several tourists

Fountain welcomes several tourists

It is one of the few protected monuments in Cameroon and an important relic of a chapter of German-Cameroonian history. The fountain is a frequent destination for tourists visiting Buea.

The fountain with a view on the highest mountain in Cameroon is in immediate proximity to other historical buildings in Buea, such as the ancient castle of the German Governor, the first post office, and the old German community school.

The German Embassy in Yaoundé with a contribution of around 2.000 € finances conducted works which include the revitalisation of the water stream, the repair and care of the surrounding grounds and the construction of benches inviting guests to stay and enjoy the scenery, with John Ngomba as caretaker.

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