Manager of Dacrown

Manager of Dacrown

Andouba Cletus Atali was born on September 30, 1985 in Etwi, Ngie sub-division, Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon.


1992-1999: Government primary school Etwi, obtaining the first school leaving certificate, and the common entrance examination certificate.

2000-2004, Government High School Ngie, obtaining the Ordinary Level Certificate of Education; in the Sciences.

2004-2006: CASS Bambili, obtaining the Advanced Level Certificate of Education, with a total of 12 points in Maths, Further Maths, and Chemistry.

2007-2008: Enrolled into the University of Buea, to read Mathematics.

2010-date: Reapplied in UB to read Journalism and Mass Communication, with minor course taken in Chemistry. Currently preparing to graduate, come December 2013.


The entrepreneur at work

The entrepreneur at work

Class five: Made and sold bamboo chairs and benches in markets

Form 2: Moved to Douala, and during summer holidays, hawked petty products of general consumption like rubber shoes, school bags, toothpaste, etc.

2007: Taught Mathematics for a month in Salvation Bilingual College, Buea, and equally gave some private classes for students sitting in for the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination.

Meanwhile, he picked up a job at Dacrown, mainly as a waiter, till 2008.

2008-2009: Appointed Counter manager.

2009: Appointed controller.

2010: Documents of Dacrown, handed over on 31st December 2009 for control, by the former runner, Tabi Wilfred upon his journey to Texas.


Two of Dacrown's several awards

Two of Dacrown’s several awards

2010: Became the manager of Dacrown. After a year, bought a car, with financial assistance from Mr. Benjamin Ogen Ndi, who has equally lent parental and otherwise support. Opened up a bar in Yaoundé, with partners in Bamenda, three other bars in Buea (Molyko, Bolifamba and Muea).


Andouba has won amongst others, the:

ASJUB 2013 Most Supportive Partner, i.e Dacrown

The 2011 Dynasty Awards

Guinness Ambassador to Buea, 2011

Dynamic Bustlers Award, 2011, etc


He is traditionally married and a father of two handsome boys.


Inspired by the “belief that quitters never win, and winners never quit. So long as you are honest and determined, anything is achievable. My Ogen equally inspires me so much in my business”.


Prospects of other branches in Kumba; and the opening of a classic hotel to reckon with.



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