Happy Monday

Never to late for a Happy Monday- Happy week wish.
Enjoy the scripture, it is food for your soul.

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Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15 ESV

You never know what the week will bring. Let’s start this one with scripture, words of wisdom, and a big ‘ol smile or two. Then walk with God and rest assured he knows what he’s doing. Welcome to Happy Monday.

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Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 6.49.36 PMBilly Graham’s final message:

By the time you read this, I will be in heaven, and as I write this I’m looking forward with great anticipation to the day when I will be in God’s presence forever.

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Happy Monday

Smile and have a Happy Monday; 🙂 Have a happy week ahead!!!

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Maybe it’s a holiday for you and maybe you have to go to work today. At any rate, peace, God bless, and Happy Monday!

This little girl getting photobombed by a horse: 

We’re gonna leave you this week with a video. I’ve often said that God has a sense of humor. I hope that’s true, otherwise… I’m in big trouble.

Smile 😀  And have a Happy Monday! 

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Happy Monday

If you can’t be kind, be quiet!

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screenshot-2017-01-30-at-5-32-54-amThat’s what I call a super bowl. There are three reasons people come together for a Super Bowl party: 1) to watch the game, 2) for the food 3) and some just enjoy getting together with friends and everyone having a good time. With the Atlanta Falcons playing next week I will actually be interested in the game. But if that falls through there’s always the other stuff, plus the commercials so you know, something for everyone.


Bit of reading involved for this one:


Have a Happy Monday!

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Black Bold Lines || 8

These lines sum up all!
Positive scribbles aligns with Land of Promise; Land of Glory on Facebook for content related to Cameroon as recent events show. Social media Posts, opinions, commentaries, historical facts, videos, poems, extracts, images, all that hands can be laid on. We want positive change in Cameroon and for Cameroon. If one needs a gist, it’s simple: Cameroonians of English extraction wake up against wanton marginalisation and dominance.

Please visit and refer others to Land of Promise; Land of Glory

Thank you!


Sick and tired of being sick

Bodies covered with stretch marks

searching for shapes with six packs

work hard they laugh, fall down they give six claps

Hypothetically these words don’t eat crap

Your mindset can eat this and make your brain fat

This is more like waiting for water beside a broken tap

This hurts like an attack from a flytrap
Lawyers battling in the streets with the law

Nobody cares they are anglophones after all

We host the CAN can the CAN stop the war?

Assimilation remix “Bonjour” is pushing “hello” to the wall
Before you say it, yes! this is so Bold

These lines were meant to bring peace no revolt

Black bold juice from a “blackberry” not bold

We called change now the call is on hold
My views are the same like LEVEL spelled backwards

This is pure passion, pure love for manward


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Happy Monday

“Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better, but the frog dies in the process” ~E.B White~
Happy Monday to y’all!

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This is Happy Monday #198. Our first Happy Monday posts were about the same time as the 2012 Summer Olympics and we actually followed the metal count.Maybe we’ll do something special in a couple of weeks to celebrate, which probably doesn’t happen on Monday very often.

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Have a Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday

Though it’s Tuesday, never late to wish a happy weeklong! smile*
Which speaks more to you? Why?
Thanks for sharing with us!

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Monday Lisa

There is no way one person can see everything on the Internet, so Paul Wilkinson and I look out for each other. Props to Paul for spotting Monday Lisa. Good thing it’s baseball cap season. Now let’s get our Monday on.

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Coffee with Jesus via Radio Free Babylon 

Screenshot 2016-05-04 at 6.05.46 AM

Screenshot 2016-04-25 at 10.01.50 PM

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 10.16.36 AM

And I think we’ve saved the best for last:

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 10.45.53 AM

Have a Happy Monday!

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2015 in review

The stats helper prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. A big thank you to my followers, visitors, community, commenters, and  even ‘passers-by’. You all made this possible. Hopefully 2016 announces itself even more promising.

From my end, it’s a Happy New Year 2016, with much bliss!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 58 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The 3 Rules For A Good Life

Get yourselves a good life with these!


What is a good life? Without getting too philosophical, I think a good life is only based on a few rules.

There are too many rules in life. I’m told to stand up straight, act a certain way; don’t use the salad fork for the steak.

What do you mean?


Amidst all the criticisms how do you live a good life? To be honest, I don’t know. But, here’s where I start:

1) Laughter

Every single day, I insert a reason to laugh. As children we laugh about 300 times a day. As an adult, that number is reduced to a meager 7.


How did we go from 300 to 7?

Did we cross some bridge of agony and now here we are: Mindless drones that wake up, go to work, participate in office gossip, watch Breaking Bad, and then sleep and…

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Alcoholism, like smoking, is a physical addiction affecting the physical, mental, social, familial, or work-related responsibilities of an individual.

On Friday, September 12, 2014, the production and importation of whiskies in sachets and plastic containers officially stopped in Cameroon. The government of the country took to the decision, despite the economic losses the country might suffer as a result of the ban.

Cameroon imported as of 2013, over 1,880 metric tons of whisky, to the tune of over 3.6 billion FCFA. People will also have to let go of jobs, both in local and foreign enterprises, afore involved in the production and importation of the substance.

The damages are enormous, and countless too, are those of alcohol. The smallest amount of alcohol has effects on the body. By effects, I hold on the undesirable ones. From malnutrition to birth defects, from muscle cramps to pancreatic disfunctions, the undesirables are myriad, no part is spared.

Before leaving this page, please click

Be informed on the effects of alcohol on the body. It takes just a click, to get a whole lot of knowledge that can be life-saving. A word to the wise…


Mind's Seat

Christians fleeing mortar attacks in Iraq. (Pic: BBC) Christians fleeing mortar attacks in Iraq. (Pic: BBC)

It’s all smiles here in the house,

We can dance and play the mouse,

We can wear the crown, the blouse.

It’s all bleeding in their hearts,

They can’t live or sleep on mats,

The bullets burn, they pierce like darts.

You may be living, wondering how happy you are and how free you are to be grateful to God Almighty for your life. Somehow, someone, somewhere, at some time does not have that luxury.

Go to places like Iraq, and you’ll understand what it feels like to be left but with your clothes on; your car, phone, in short, all property seized, because you say you are a CHRISTIAN.

It becomes even frightening when our brothers over there (Mosul) are given the ultimatum to either leave their hometown, because they are Christians, or face death, if they choose to stay. The…

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