Poli, Cameroon – Home of beautiful Mount Atlantika

The ancient town of Poli is situated in the North region of Cameroon. It has existed as a town since 1924. It is situated at some 136km from Garoua, capital of the North region. From 1927 – 1957, reports say Poli was named the Namchi-Atlantikas sub-division, probably from where was drawn the name of the Mountain Atlantika.

Mount Atlantika

Mount Atlantika stands tall at the entrance of the town of Poli, perhaps reminiscent of its beautiful past, and of a hopeful future. Mount Atlantika, beautifully green on a bright afternoon, flanks the West side of Poli. The mountain chains which so gracefully wind along the untarmacked road rise above huge deposits of gold and uranium, according to research reports. However, such richness in soil is largely contrasting to the reality of the present-day Poli.

Mount Atlantika has for long been a hub for White tourists in Poli. Besides it, Poli is gifted with other natural attractions like the Faro National Park (one of the main natural wildlife reserves in Central Africa with several species of animals) and the Faro River which snakes alongside the mountain chains that flank almost a third of the 36km road from Carrefour Poli (estimated 100km from Garoua) to Poli town itself.

The riches, the people!

Poli is rich in different minerals like Uranium, as it is in its people. It is home to the Daoyos, also known as the Namchi, the Dopas, Papès and Fulbes amongst others. It has also welcomed a great number of immigrant peoples like the Toupouri, Mafa, Guiziga and Moufou amongst others. Its 45,000-man population mainly practices Christianity and Islam.

Accessing Poli

Though largely enclaved, Poli is quite easily accessible in the dry seasons, and current worst-case scenarios during the rainy season could see a visitor spending up to 2hours on the 36km stretch of road from Carrefour Poli to Poli itself. Vehicles heading to Poli can be boarded in Garoua, capital city of the North region of Cameroon.




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