I’ll begin my six-logy on The Gambia. 😊 Lol

Land of the Smiling Coast (c) OW

Named the Land of the Smiling Coast, The Gambia, this west African country, sits cheerily on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a very refreshing coastline; believe you me!

But…. I wouldn’t want to savour that all alone.

  1. What do you think about visiting “spiritual” crocos? They don’t bite! Youpiiiiii
  2. Or you may like the ancient bathroom which triggers fertility! That’s if you believe and want a child so badly! I wouldn’t…..
  3. Or the museum which houses clippings about The Gambia and how WWII was lived by this coastal country’s ancestors? You never know, your great grandfather may have been a world war hero. Who knows! 😊
  4. Or maybe you intend to return home with a basin-full of fish? It’s so much the locals actually don’t pick most if they fall. And you can see an Octopus, out of Nat Geo wild! lol
  5. Or go to the Eden-like beach and pick some shells – you could get some good relics huh! And surf. But if like me you can’t, I’d suggest you take classic pics standing on the beautiful beach. 😊
  6. Maybe you hesitate because you hear it’s an Islamic State? I’d admit the Adamawa region of Cameroon looks more “Islamic” than this Islamic country. Is it one even? Well, the president said it is but… you definitely should visit The Gambia!

Well, hang on for my ‘six-logy’ on The Gambia … as the first drops 5p.m. (GM+1) today!



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