Sweet mama, I wish I could tag you here
For all to know I love you without fear
I’d want your heart to smile, never a tear
Cuz above all I see or don’t, you brought me here

To God, on earth, you’ve been my solid rock
Been the one who took the darts, taught me how to handle fork

Helped me up, been no falling
Kept my feet , beeb no trippling
Pulled my ear so I heed your calls
Did everything so I wouldn’t fall.
And when I did, your heart washed me clean, threw the water
And by all, you drew me closer.

You’ve been on knees so I get higher
You’ve lived on pennies, so I get richer
You’ve cut your manna, so I get wiser
Oh mama, to God, I wish for no other

Been praying for me, been fighting for me
Been bringing all angels, sending demons flee
Been the one who made me know
Been the life on which I plow
Been the one who helps me flow
Been the lens through which I glow

Been the one who makes me grow
To God, mama, for you I’d sow.
Any fiend who dares, I sure would blow
Cross my heart mama, to God, I know
That tomorrow we both will surely soar

As candles come and each you blow
Brighter than its light mama, you’ll glow.



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