Her name is Sally-Grace

💖: She’ll be far witty; she’ll be far rapid; she’ll be far breaking-forth; she’ll be far Queenly.
She’ll be far Blessed and highly Favoured; she’ll be far fruitful;
She’ll be Far loved; she’ll be Far intelligent,
She’ll be far brave; she’ll be far wise;
She’ll be far graceful; She’ll be far full of God’s Grace.

💖: She’ll be far loving God and His ways to positive-nuts;
She’ll be far clung to abundant life and bliss;
She’ll be far a servant to her generation in God’s will;
She’ll be far a voice to echo God’s;
She’ll be far a pillar of support to multitudes;
She’ll be far a light to enlighten several;
She’ll be far a gem to reflect God’s loving beauty.

💖: She’ll be far a soothing voice to the world’s hurt;
She’ll be far a balm to a friend’s heart;
She’ll be far a word to send anger fleeing;
She’ll be far a counsel to restore peace among foes;
She’ll be far an angel to make several, even fiends smile

💖: She’ll be far standing tall among her peers;
She’ll be far blessed beyond any attempted curse;
She’ll be far bountiful to the oppressed;
She’ll be far joyful to be depressed.

💖: She’ll be far shielded; she’ll be far screened;
she’ll be far groomed to face it square and make it lose.
She’ll be far winning; she’ll be far singing; she’ll be far holding crowns of bliss for Jesus king.

💖: She’ll be far Sally;
she’ll be far Grace;

She’s all round Sally-Grace
Sally loves you big time dear


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