Black Bold Lines || 8

These lines sum up all!
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Sick and tired of being sick

Bodies covered with stretch marks

searching for shapes with six packs

work hard they laugh, fall down they give six claps

Hypothetically these words don’t eat crap

Your mindset can eat this and make your brain fat

This is more like waiting for water beside a broken tap

This hurts like an attack from a flytrap
Lawyers battling in the streets with the law

Nobody cares they are anglophones after all

We host the CAN can the CAN stop the war?

Assimilation remix “Bonjour” is pushing “hello” to the wall
Before you say it, yes! this is so Bold

These lines were meant to bring peace no revolt

Black bold juice from a “blackberry” not bold

We called change now the call is on hold
My views are the same like LEVEL spelled backwards

This is pure passion, pure love for manward


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