Life is made up of contrasts and several ones though. Though most in life are unpleasant, there lies a beautifully woven piece of nature somewhere in an island called Eleuthera. Eleuthera hosts the famous Glass Window bridge linking North and South Eleuthera, and beneath that bridge – the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean commune.


Aerial view, crdt: Viralnova

For centuries, a natural stone bridge connected north and south Eleuthera, but several hurricanes since the 1940s have washed away the natural bridge, letting in to settle a concrete replacement.


Crdt: Bahamas.com










The sight is awesome, the aquamarine Caribbean connecting with the dark blue-green Atlantic at the thinnest part of the island. Unity in diversity, the two oceans connect without mixing, right under the Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera.

Eleuthera Island was founded in 1648, and is birthplace of the Bahamas. Eleuthera, meaning “free” or “freedom”, in Greek, is named from the Greek word “Eleutheros” or “Eleuther”.

"Narrowest earthly place"

“Narrowest earthly place”

The Island is fascinatingly around one and a half to two miles, making one always close to the beach. In this fabulous island lies the “narrowest place on earth”, the famed Glass Window Bridge, where the distance from one side of the Island to the other is less than 100 feet.

A must-visit for a lifetime!



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