HIV/AIDS and Homosexuality may be turning bed fellows as days go by. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has published details of  a rare case of suspected female-to-female HIV infection. According to the CDC, a 46-year-old woman “likely acquired” the virus during a six-month monogamous relationship with a HIV-positive woman in Texas.

The CDC further revealed that the lady was infected with a strain that had a 98% genetic match to that of the originally 43-year old infected partner, who is said to have had a history of heterosexual relationships. Her originally infected partner is also reported to have stopped taking antiretroviral drugs in 2010.

With HIV/AIDS and talks on homosexuality no longer news in the ever growing world, experts however state that homosexuality is learned through a complex combination of shaping factors and personal choices. Suffice enough, since scientists have found no genetic proof that someone can actually be born gay.


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