According to the Corruption Perception Index 2013, Cameroon still maintains its 144th position out of 177 countries concerned, with a score of 25/100. This signifies no change from the same position occupied last year, and therefore ought to make greater strides to stamp out the cankerworm. issues of bribery are still on everyday Cameroonian lips.

According to the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune, the Transparency International classification results were disclosed on December 3, 2013 during a conference in Yaoundé, by the President of Transparency International, Barrister Charles Nguini.

With the corruption survey focusing on the public sector in all concerned countries, Barrister Nguini stated that Cameroon’s classification stemmed from information furnished by 8 professional sources.

Cameroon occupied the 34th position out of 48 African countries, with the Central African Republic, Iran, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Ukraine also on the 144th position.

Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia, scored 8/100, placing them at the top of the list, while Denmark and New Zealand scored 91% to be apparently the least corrupt countries.


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