Blending spirituality and relaxation

Blending spirituality and relaxation

The Our Lady of Grace shrine-Sasse was inaugurated on Sunday September 4, 2011, by Immanuel Balanjo Bushu, Bishop of Buea, though afore discovered by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Typam, missionary Priest of St. Vincent de Porres Order.

The Shrine, located in Sasse, has a chapel for perpetual adoration, a mini-auditorium with an estimated 100 sitting capacity, and a shop for the sale of religious articles. It is around a waterfall that was freely offered to the Catholic Church by the traditional ruler of Sasse. The waterfall, as described by Bishop Bushu during the inauguration, is a hidden treasure given that even the indigenes and others who have lived in the community for more than a decade, have never had an idea about it.

It is ideal for the numerous pilgrims it draws to its premise, even as the natural noise of the waterfall secludes pilgrims from the many distractions found around the site.

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