The Kenyan police’s response to a recent gang rape has sparked up a wave of petitions, against what is considered a shameful response. According to reports, alleged culprits of gang-rape, after being arrested by the police, were simply asked to cut grass around the police offices.

Kenyans have taken to the streets, carrying placards in protest to that decision, for justice to be served a 16 year old teenager, named Liz, for identity protection, who was attacked and repeatedly gang-raped in the village of Busia in Western Kenya, on her return from a grand-father’s funeral. After being gang-raped, she was thrown unconscious in a pit latrine where she broke her back. She now moves in a wheelchair.

About .2 million Kenyans have signed a petition to the police, asking for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the 3 alleged culprits. An online petition on her plight was made by activist Nebila Abdulmelik, calling attention to justice for Liz.


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