“Your Greatest Strength”

30 Days of Purpose

It has been said that the two hardest things for a person to say is, “I was wrong” and “I am sorry”.  But there is one more that seems to be equally if not more difficult to say, and that is the ability to sincerely tell a person “I forgive you”.  For a number of reasons forgiveness is one of the hardest character traits to develop; but for those of us who desire to live our lives on purpose, I say this is truly your greatest strength.  Our lack of forgiveness does not hurt the person who offended us, but it keeps us forever tied and locked into the offence.  But somehow we have come to believe that withholding forgiveness gives us some sort of power, makes us more right, or makes people pay.  But who really has the power when we say things like, “I will never forgive him…

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