The real democrat

The real democrat

The embodiment of democracy in Africa today blows his 95th candle. Nelson Mandela not only today has the gift of long life, despite his ailing health, but has the record as one of the world’s most democratic presidents, ever to have manned an African state.

Madiba, as he is popularly known, has been a household name since the days of South Africa’s apartheid history. In his struggle to free his people from white dominance and discrimination, he made prison confines his abode for 27 healthy years. His struggle finally bore fruit in 1990, when he was released from prison, and made south Africa’s first black president in 1994, a subtle, but real defeat for the apartheid system.

Madiba showed the real democracy South Africa and Africa at large needed, and still needs today. He had fought for his cake, and when he had it, did not make the mistake of eating it. He had fought for change, and when placed in a position to effect that change, he set the pace, and gave the opportunity for the people to have the power for themselves.  He gave power in 1999 to the people, for the people, and by the people.

He lived and passed down real democracy that his country still enjoys today. South Africa is an African country to reckon with: the seeds that nelson Mandela sowed are fruitful today.

Though his health is ailing, as he celebrates his 95th anniversary, the whole nation does with him, and even reveres him, more than any other South African statesman.  He lived democracy: he gave the power back to his people.



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    An insightful piece that embodies skillful journalism and a most engaging writing style that both informs and uplifts. This is a writer to follow. Please reblog her pieces. You will find that they teach many about the injustices that are happening in Cameroon . Yet, her poetry is uplifting to the soul, an oasis in the desert experiences of life.


  2. An insightful piece that embodies skillful journaiism and a most engaging writing style that both informs and uplifts. I am so impressed by this piece that I am posting it on my professional network of Linkedin where through hard work and determination I have 1,615 contacts in seven months.

    This is a writer who would be an asset to organizations such as World Vision or as a field reporter for a major news agency. She possesses the ability to write with both succinctness and persuasion while keeping her pieces to the highest standard of journalistic ethics.

    We need more writers and journalists of this calibre in the media.

    I will be keeping you in my prayers that God opens His doors of opportunity for you.
    If you need someone to be your mentor I stand ready to answer that call. I’m sure we can learn much from one another.

    Kind regards,



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