The 2013 Association of Student Journalists in the University of Buea, ASJUB, has ended in shambles, mainly due to indecision on conducting votes for the post of president.

The elections, which took place this 21st day of June, 2013 at the amphitheater 150 E of the University of Buea, kicked off well, with most of the candidates for other positions duly voted. Confusion set in at the turn of casting votes for the position of the president, with Abane Jeffery and Loshie Eugene as the two vying in for the position.

While most students supported the view that Loshie be voted in absentia, others wanted the position to be given to the sole contestant present. Disagreements stemmed up, with a recall of an earlier statement made by the electoral committee, stating that no person will be voted in absentia.

The situation, after long arguments, was brokered by the acting Head of Department for Journalism and Mass Communication, Mr. Henry Muluh, paving way for the decision to suspend  voting for the post of President, till October 2013.

Meanwhile, it was agreed that Feudjo Darling, successful at the position of Vice-president, will be the acting president, till October 2013, when fresh elections for the post of president of ASJUB, will be organized.


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