DEP’T OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION-UB: solution to professional craving.

Students in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of BUEA, do not only take home the knowledge that they acquire, but are equally given the opportunity to practicalise their theory gained.

Students writing papers for the 6p.m News

Students writing papers for the 6p.m News

In JMC, as the department is fondly called, students get to actively take part in the production of news and news programmes. This usually is the culmination of long hours of news gathering

Final year students on air

Final year students on air

and processing, coordinated by the news producer, and supervised by the station’s supervisor. The news is aired on Chariot Radio, FM93.5 that spans the Buea municipality and its environs.Going on air is an experience worth living, and students get to do this during the programmes that they manage, some of which are “Your Health Today” and “Focus On UB”.

Journalism equally involves writing in print, and the students are equally offered the opportunity to exercise that. The publication of The Chariot Newspaper, The Chariot Magazine, and their marketing, are must-dos for students in JMC. The processes of gathering, processing and presenting the material are all manned by the students themselves. Media sales and advertising are incorporated in the day to day work of the students, as they get canvass for adverts for their products.

Public speaking, public relations and audience research are areas the students are well vested in. At their Open Days and World Press Freedom Day celebrations, such skills are often exhibited

The products of the school are proof enough, as they grasp both national and international choice placements. Consider Eric Lanmia and Hilda Bih of the CRTV, Budy Norbert of Marc and Ericsson Inc., Ivan Tamba of Le Tribune Bilingue, and Nathalie Wakam of the BBC World Service, to drive home the point on the professionalization of the department of JMC.



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