SYNES, UB chapter, continues its 10-day warning strike action, expected to resume Monday June 17 to Friday June 21, 2013.

According to SYNES, the 10-day strike action is for its ten colleagues who were indicted for alleged sedition and fomenting terrorism on the UB campus; and interrogated at the Special Police Department of Control of Services.

As the SYNES June 5, 2013, communiqué has it; each day will be symbolic for the ten lecturers that were subject to humiliation and psychological torture by the police. The communiqué further stated that the 10 lecturers, were accused of sponsoring student violence, and encouraging students to take up arms among, other allegations.

The communiqué equally carried salient points among which are the realization of the authoritarian and poor governing style of the present Vice-Chancellor, and her attempt to demonize and jeopardize the SYNES UB chapter.

Despite the warning strike action, SYNES all-the-same pointed out that no lecturer would yield to any acts of provocation that can jeopardize public peace. Later on Friday, another communiqué put up by the UB Vice-Chancellor, intimed that no action had been laid down to call off the strike, and as the communiqué read: “ Justice would take its course”.


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