Student journalists of the Association of Student Journalists in the University of Buea, (ASJUB), were on June 7, 2013, drilled on the issues plaguing the contemporary media in Cameroon. This was during the ASJUB open day that took place at the Open Commons of the University of Buea.
This 2013 edition had as theme: 21st Century Media and Communication, Challenges and Prospects. Two presentations were dished out: the first by Christopher Ambe Shu, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of The Recorder Newspaper; and the second by Henry Mekole, Editor-in-chief, CRTV-Buea. The former presented his key note address on the contemporary issues of print journalism in Cameroon, citing charlatanism as the main cankerworm in the profession. The latter’s address centered on public service broadcasting: challenges and prospects, which culminated in a call on the prospective journalists to embark on better public service broadcasting in Cameroon.

Cross-section of students at ASJUB open day

Cross-section of students at ASJUB open day

The ASJUB Open Day, as usual, was one wherein the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, (JMC), showcased its potential and worth, in the areas of the products it has to offer in terms of human and intellectual strength; the laboratories for students’ training, viz, Chariot FM, Chariot TV, the publications of Chariot Newspaper and Chariot Magazine; the Communication Research Center, (CRC), and lots more. It was a forum where actual students, ex-students, lecturers and the entire University community were kept abreast with what the department JMC is all about.
The first phase of the Open Day, which ended at the Open Commons of the University, was followed by a second at the National Social Insurance Fund, (CNPS) banquet hall in Buea, where awards were dished to some 20 meritorious students of the Association; twinning the occasion with the Master and Miss JMC contest, for the next academic year.


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